My commitment to your best interests.

Ask Alan is more than just a brand, It’s a business founded on getting it right, on time, every time.

It’s about asking the right questions – when you Ask Alan, you don’t just get an expert, you get an expert who cares.

No matter what your goals – it’s time to talk to someone who will willingly give you theirs.

My commitment to you:

  • An unswerving commitment to client satisfaction.
  • To always find time to talk to you, no issue is ‘too small’ for my time.
  • Assess your individual position, listen to your goals and structure long term strategies in a clear and logical way.
  • Present you with lending options that suit your needs.
  • Make your goals achievable with ONE point of contact yet MANY options.
Alan Heath, best mortgage broker in Brisbane city
  • Ensure your home loan fits within the bigger picture.
  • As a priority I will select a lender with not only the right option for your current needs at a good rate, but also a proven track record of readjusting your rate to meet the market as time goes by. I will not let you be trapped by an untrustworthy lender – no matter how good their initial ‘hook’.
  • I will do this by reviewing your loan and rate 6 monthly and liaise with your lender to ensure your loan stays competitive.
  • The only person who can ever ‘close’ a transaction is you – by telling me that you are completely happy.