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Rate Review Service

The Power of a Broker working in Your Best Interests.

New customers get better treatment than you – a loyal customer…
Are you fed up with being played for a fool by your lender?
There is a better way…
Alan Heath Mortgage Broker Brisbane City

Feel secure in the rising rate market

Have you noticed your interest rate rising? The era of covid’s low rates is coming to an end, with variable rates tracking back up over 6%.

Fixed rates are appearing in the market with 5’s and 6’s.. But do not be sucked in!

The best course of action here is to stay variable – and ideally talk to me about changing your lender to one that agrees to minimizing your personal rate increases by matching your rate back to their “new to bank offering”.

I offer this as part of my 6 monthly client rate reviews process. Making sure that you will be getting the best possible rate over the course of your loan.

Don’t be drawn into the fear market – arm yourself with knowledge, and a broker committed to your best interests.

Read on below…

Rising Rates in 2022…

As I write – interest rates for my clients with owner occupied loans will be under 6% pa.

I often hear from people at the moment whose interest rates are over 6% pa.

Why is this?

Official interest rates have risen by 1.75% since the start of the year.

BUT .. new to bank offers by the banks that I use have risen by only 1.55% to 1.65%.

Without close management of your loan – ALL banks – including the ones I use – will end up giving you a rate that is higher than it need be.

How do you avoid this?

You could constantly check your rate against the current new to bank offers and ring them threatening to leave – and then actually leaving if need be.

(Banks know that most people “say” they will leave and then never do)

Or – you could let me do the work for you. As my client you would have my commitment to always act in your best interests – by selecting a bank who agrees to treat you fairly and then monitor your interest rate every six months.

The plan is to stay with a good bank, not bank hop from bank to bank to bank.

Unless a bank agrees to treat you fairly at point of sale they do not deserve your business.

It’s a cliché to say that times are uncertain – life is always uncertain.

Ask Alan and let me help you with greatest degree of certainty that you can have in relation to your home loan.

Find out how to join my books and start having your rate reviewed every 6 months – Talk to me today

Alan Heath

Why More People Are Choosing to Ask Alan

First Home Buyer or Investor

Rebecca Neibler

First Home Buyer

Thank you very much for continuously “working behind the scenes” and ensuring that my mortgage remains the best possible deal for me. I really appreciate it.

When I embarked on the adventure of property ownership a few years ago, I didn’t really know what I’d need – the whole thing was nerve-racking for me because I knew I had to give over a control to a certain degree, and just trust you. I’ll always be grateful that I found you as my mortgage broker.

Testimonial Matt P Ask Alan Alan Heath

Benjamin Booker


Alan Has been our Mortgage Broker for many years, and he is extremely good at understanding our needs as they have evolved over the years.

Alan is very quick to respond to any question and every 6 months he checks in and reviews where our interest rates are sitting and works with the banks to ensure we have the best interest rate possible at that point in time. Because of this our interest rate has just been reduced on our home loan and business loan which is amazing.

It is this attention to detail and understanding of our situation that make me confident he has our best interest at heart.

I really can’t thank Alan enough as we wouldn’t be where we are today without his help and knowledge. If you’re in need of an amazing Mortgage Broker Alan is the only choice.

Ask Alan Mortgage Broker First Home Buyers

Jolon Taylor

Home Owner

We have recently used Alan’s services in securing our family home. It was truly a delight in dealing with Alan. He went above and beyond in every aspect.

Through Alan, we were able to walk into a market that was on the boil with a plan and with confidence. He made himself available at any time of the day, and one thing he does is reply to queries straight away. Not only that, but he has his finger on the pulse, and was following up with us very regularly. Through his help, we were able to secure a fantastic rate.

We are incredibly delighted with his service, and feel that we couldn’t have cracked it into this crazy real estate market without his expertise, care and attention to detail. Without exaggeration, he truly does go above and beyond.

I would not hesitate in recommending Alan to friends and family.

Testimonial Alan Heath Ask Alan Mortgages

Lisa Richards


We have been clients of Alan for a number of years and cannot speak highly enough of him. He always provides sound advice, is transparent in all his dealings, and most importantly – holds the Banks to account.

He works hard to ensure WE are always looked after with the best rate, the best service, the best product and the best circumstances that suit us. We cant recommend him highly enough.

Thank you Alan for always having our (not the Banks) best interests at heart.

Find out how you can join the books and benefit from 6 monthly rate review by contacting Alan today.

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