Investing in Property

Life is always a bit of a juggling act as we balance work and career, and family – in whatever form that comes for you. These things have immediate demands on us.

There comes a time in life however, when we lift our eyes above the needs of today, this week, this year and look towards future times.

What sort of life do you want in your later years and how do you plan for the life you wish for?

You may also want to plan for a legacy that you can leave behind for your children.

When thoughts come to investing it is important for you to know “why” you want to invest, because that “why” becomes your motivation factor in the years ahead.

The “why” factor keeps you on track.

The two main areas of investment are the stock market and the property market. Some people are drawn to one, some to the other, although it is quite common for people to diversify into both.

At Ask Alan Mortgage Brokers, we are here to help you step into the world of investing by structuring your borrowing portfolio to maximise your wealth creation, while ensuring (in conjunction with your accountant) that it is tax compliant and effective.

Investing with Ask Alan Brisbane
Investing in Property Ask Alan Home Lending Brisbane

There is no question that you can put your wealth strategy at risk if you do not give sufficient thought to how to structure your loans and properties.

Our roles is to listen carefully to your hopes and dreams for the future and become a valued partner in helping them come true.

To some we are simply “that people who get the loan”, but to others who truly see our value – we are the partner in your financial journey through life who can help provide the future you wish for.

Already Invested?

Do you already own properties? Looking to make your portfolio work more efficiently and effectively? Want to add another property, or even just looking to shift home? Make your money work harder for you, we can help.

No question is too small for our time.

There are differing definitions of what makes something an investment but they all focus on two main points;

·       The ability to generate income.

·       The ability to increase in value.

The point to which the MOST attention should be paid is the ability to generate income because that is the most reliable indicator of something’s inherent financial value.

When looking to invest in property, or decide whether to hold an investment or sell, it’s important to come back to a stable point of information, the market trend line.

Looking back at past data can tell us a lot, and there are always patterns in trends that can help guide us through tricky patches. Contact us, or read through the blogs in our News section to find out more.