Time to move?

On average we shift house every 7 years. My mum stayed in her home for 70 years, I on the other hand have lived in 15 houses in only 30 years!! There is no such thing as “average”.

When it comes time to shift house everyone’s reasons will be different, and hence the help you will need for your finance, will need to match.

Maybe your employment is shifting, maybe your family has outgrown the space with the arrival of children, maybe it’s time to upgrade because life has improved, maybe it’s time to downsize as family grows up and leaves… Whatever the reason, I am here to help.

There is a common factor; when it is time to move you need to work out what to do with your current home – do you sell or keep it as an investment?

There is another common factor – as soon as you see the “new home of your dreams” the shifting itch sets in.

Do you buy first? Do you sell first?

How do you structure the debt if you decide to buy and hold?

Moving home Ask Alan
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Sometimes we can shift your loan to the new house.

Sometimes we will need bridging finance (short term finance to cover a period when you own two houses for a short time).

Sometimes we will need a new loan altogether because your financial goals are also changing.

Your circumstances are unique, and we are here to use our experience to help “make the finance invisible”. You find the home, arrange new schools, work out how to pack and shift, garage sales etc- those life parts are for you.

Ask Alan is here to listen carefully to what your hopes and dreams are and make them come true in a way that you can afford.

To read more about the intricacies of shifting house, read my blog here, Shift your Home, Shift your Loan.

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