Credit Score and Monitoring

Comprehensive Credit Reporting now means that lenders publish your monthly payment history on credit items (loans, cards) on a rolling 24 month basis. They will share this with each other whenever you apply for any credit. Big brother is alive and well. “Positive” credit reporting as it is sometimes called is anything but positive. It is perfectly legal for them to do this and your only response is to keep a close check for yourself on what information is being kept about you by credit agencies.

The other essential reason is the concerning rise in fraud. People get access to your personal data and then use it to apply for small loans (changing your address in the process). Funds are advanced in your name and you never hear about it (because statements never arise). The only way to stay on top of this is to regularly check your own credit file.

It is essential to proactively manage your own credit information and we can help you with that.

Ask Alan Mortgage Brokers are now accredited with and can act as your agent with Equifax – Australia’s largest holder and supplier of credit information for lending institutions.

We are now offering a service to help monitor your credit file – on a cost recovery basis. This is a special service available only to our clients.

  • We are offering to access and provide you with your credit score and report three times a year – this is especially useful to us when we are about to do a loan application.
  • If we discover any errors, we will help you remove them.
  • The service isn’t free from Equifax – Therefore any fees are covering those costs.
  • Cost to you is only $66 per year (inclusive of the 3 credit reports).
  • It is a personal service – we will personally help you analyse what your credit report (and score) means and the way it changes over time.

(There are places you can get a free credit score but that is not the same thing. In addition, those people offering a “free” score often sell your personal data (that you have just given them) for up to $150 per time. So much for “free” !!)

At Ask Alan Mortgage Brokers, we would like you to see us as your partner and advocate in managing your credit record.

If you are interested in obtaining access to your credit file or simply want more information, simply fill in the contact form and we will be in touch!

    Click the button below to download our Equifax Access Seeker Terms and Conditions and Agreement of Service. If you would like to go ahead with the service please download, sign and return the completed form to