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You’ve Found Your Dream Home? Let Me Find Your Dream Loan ..

Working out what makes your dream home is one thing, but what really makes the “Dream Loan”? 

My job is to find the “perfect fit” for a loan that works with your life

When approached by new clients I often get asked, “what’s the rate?” The rate of your home loan is indeed very important and rest assured I will leave no stone unturned to secure you the best rate I can BUT it’s vitally important to slow down first and let me take into consideration all aspects of your needs before we should decide on a loan for you.

Choosing a home loan based solely on the rate is like trying to buy a house based only on how many bathrooms it has – sure, it may be an important factor, but it isn’t the only one. If we get the wrong loan to begin with, then the costs involved in correcting the mistakes down the track can be very unpleasant.

Your dream loan has to be one that fits in with all aspects of your needs and wants. Your loan will most likely be a part of your and your family’s lives for a long time.

Let me state the MOST COMMON MISTAKE that people make when choosing a loan.

Thinking that their life won’t ever change…YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE..!

YOUR LOAN NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO CHANGE WITH YOU … It still surprises me how many people ignore this obvious connection…?

The most common mistake that people make is to get talked into a loan that can only change with significant cost, because they fear change. Anyone who runs a business successfully knows that managing change is the MOST important thing they will have to do.

The only certainty in life IS change ….

Your dream loan is a loan able to morph with your lives, shift house with you (see my last blog on shifting home), stay stable through the good times and the hard – to put up with, metaphorically, everything from baby spew to teenage tantrums.

Every person is different – every family is different; Every bank product CAN be different…How? By talking to me, your experienced professional – I am here for the LIFE of your loan – each time you shift, each new addition to the family – each job change – together we can help your dream home work wonders with your dream loan…

So…Exactly how will I find your dream loan?

I will talk to you.

We will discuss your current needs and also the things that you can reasonably see going forwards. I will make sure that we choose a loan together that matches those needs and also leaves wiggle room for the unexpected.

I will absolutely find you the lowest rate from a lender and product BUT it is not where we should begin.

If you use me as you should, I will become part of the journey with you, a phone call, an email – and you will be surprised how often I answer you “in the moment” even as the years go by – and I will make sure that your loan really is a dream and not a financial nightmare

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