Privacy: Data Collection Policy

Your personal and financial data is very important.

This policy sets out how we manage this on our website.

We have multiple layers of security – and do not publish those layers – that in itself is part of the security.

Once you have uploaded your personal data, its security is a mutual responsibility – where you have ultimate discretion.


Personal information procedures:

Option 1

  • You can choose to SUBMIT (without SAVE) – your data comes to me – I use it for your loan application, but it is not saved.
  • Next time you do a loan or increase you will need to enter it all again.

Option 2

  • You can choose to SAVE and SUBMIT
  • Next time you do a loan or increase you can retrieve your own data, EDIT, SAVE and SUBMIT.

Option 3

  • You can SAVE and SUBMIT
  • You can immediately go back to same form and delete any items you choose – eg drivers licence details, passport details, anything else…
  • Next time you will need to enter these items again.

Option 3 gives you

  • Complete control over what is saved and the level of convenience you wish for your next loan.
  • BUT, with Option 3 you need to let me know so that we can erase the initial data set.
  • To do this please use the form link located above the saved data table on form pages.



  • You upload these via the link
  • They come to me via email
  • NO documents are stored on the website


Any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact our site manager at: