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Over the last week I have had several clients ask me what I both think and suggest in the current circumstances.

I have been quiet since my email of 6th Feb when I highlighted what the Corona Virus outbreak might mean for the year ahead.

There are too many opinions being espoused on social media – and while that is understandable it is not helpful.

In these times when we need whatever certainty we can, there is only one set of “facts” in my opinion.

Our Prime Minister and the Chief Health Officer are meeting twice weekly with every State Premier and their Health Officers. This National Cabinet makes decisions for the country and the Prime Minister speaks as a result.

What he says – out of his mouth – is fact and whatever is said “will happen”

So listen very carefully – because we as a nation need to act collectively –  we are being asked to assist.

While it is no-ones “fault” if they get sick, it is everyone’s “responsibility” to play their part. To act in the national interest before self-interest.

In the myriad of opinions only one matters – that of our Prime Minister (and this National Cabinet).

My job through this period for you is very simple … to guide you through the six months ahead as your broker in relation to your home loan – THIS IS MY JOB – and you matter to me.

There are (separate) schemes already in place to help both personal home loan clients and business loan clients.

They differ from bank to bank – during this challenging time I will educate myself in banks different policies and guide you through what is best for you.

Make no mistake though – there is no free lunch here – any debt not paid in the six months ahead is capitalised to the loan. Any deferral is simply that – a deferral – it will all come back to you down the track.

Clearly if you can manage through this without help that is best for you in the long run.

If, however you find yourself in a position, through no fault of your own, where you need financial help to get through, then that is what I am here for. To guide and advise you as to what we should do with “your” bank.

This is where having a broker is a massive advantage – because I am NOT the bank. You can talk to me and I act ONLY in YOUR interest. We will work out what is best for you in approaching your bank, if that is needed.

Make no mistake – any concessions will be obtained under hardship policy. Banks will be very lenient in applying it – but it IS under hardship policy, make no mistake.

And a word of advice – flexibility is key in this period – BE VERY WARY OF BANKS OFFERING FIXED RATES. This is ABSOLUTELY AND WITHOUT QUESTION the time to stay variable.

Please talk to me whenever and as often as you need – within reason I am your broker 24/7.

You took out your loan personally through me, and in times like this you get the benefit of talking personally with me. No call centre phone queues here!!

Be patient with me too in what may be a busy time – as you have from day one – you will get my very best.

In times like this – this is why you have me …. Just Ask Alan.

Ask Alan – Your online mortgage broker.