The end of this interest rate cycle..

May 3, 2023

It is with a reasonable degree of confidence that I can say that interest rates have peaked (Bill Evans: The Weekend Australian: Sat 29th Apr: page 30).

At the start of this cycle, I suggested that you plan for a peak of 5.5% (and more recently 6% just to cover a worst case).

Interest rates, to you, have now peaked (if I am correct) at just under that 5.5%.

You should now budget for rates at this higher level for a reasonable period ahead.

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Fortnightly…To Be or Not to Be….

March 7, 2023

Fortnightly …. To Be or Not to Be ….

I can tell from the questions I am being asked that rates are starting to have an effect and people are being not only more careful with their money but also trying to create additional value.

Tell me who “hasn’t” heard that paying a loan fortnightly shortens the loan term?

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