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How many times could you say that you went to a business seminar, and it changed your life – and that it is still your daily focus 20 years later

Ron Kaufman, Singapore: 2001 – Ron Kaufman is who Singapore Airlines sought out in 1990 help them achieve their goal – “Service Even Other Airlines Talk About.”

“Singapore Airlines trains for service at an unbelievable level. Their quality is simply unmatched – but if you fly with them, you know this already.”

Ron Kaufman 2001 – the flight experience upon which an airline is judged starts with booking the flight and ends with collecting your bags and leaving the airport – and everything in between. Very little of this (the ticketing website, check in, pre-flight lounge, baggage handling, in flight food and entertainment, baggage collection, remembering you upon return, complaints) falls under the airlines direct control – but the customer judges the whole transaction, and rightly so.

His point to us – obtaining a home loan is identical – a multi-step process that we as brokers coordinate but have little direct control over.

The important features though are;

  • Good product
  • Good Systems
  • A Service Mindset
  • An Ongoing Relationship

Something else I heard over 20 years ago and has stuck with me was from a successful, retiring real estate agent in Adelaide … “I can get out of life what I want if I help enough other people get out of life what they want”.

This is the focus of exceptional customer service – taking time to understand clients, what they hope to achieve and how you can assist with that.

So what do my clients want? Initially they want a house… a home. The home loan is the pathway that leads to the front door.

Banks rely on the fact that in the rush to the front door “any old loan will do”.

It is only once you are in that home that the problems with a poor loan appear.

I endeavour to listen carefully to your needs and goals and find a lender with;

  • A market leading product
  • And a commitment to treat older customers with the same enthusiasm as new ones

EVERY bank (it’s an industry disease) bases its profits on offering good discounts to new ones at the expense of old ones. They call it “Net Interest Margin” – I call it a blatant rip off.

I will only deal with banks who give me an assurance that my clients will be treated differently to this. Most times I feel like a lone voice in this – however, I am not for turning on this issue.

I endeavour to create value for you in the initial choice of lender and product and then review the price every 6 months to ensure that you still have the rate being offered to new customers.

As 2021 ends and 2022 begins my commitment to you again is to spend more time asking you what you hope to achieve going forwards and giving of my best to assist.

I don’t always realise every customer expectation and if and when I fall short – I want to hear, so that I can improve. I can always improve.

As always if you’d like advice tailored to your own personal circumstances please call or email me anytime… It’s what I’m here for.

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