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I spent time with long term clients and even longer friends over the weekend.

Here was one part of the conversation – and I’d like you to continue it, along any pathway you choose… more of that later.

“How much do I need to live comfortably in later life?”

Average weekly earnings have just hit $100kpa

How much do I need to have in assets to give that income?

If you invest in solid dividend producing shares – they pay 5% pa (with their franking credits).

$2 million at 5% pa = $100kpa.

If there are two of you – that means $4 million in “assets under management”.

If I earn $100kpa now and save 10% of that – how many years to save – $2million? – 200 years…

Saving is NOT and will NEVER give you the life you want (NOTE – superannuation is saving – Superannuation is NOT and will NEVER be the sole answer).

Invest in a $1m in property with an $800k loan – it doubles in value every 10 years, wait 20 years and you have $4m – sell, pay out the loan and you have (maybe) $3.6m.

Property is not the only pathway – but it is a very good one and easily understood.

You might have a question in relation to the above – Or, you might have a different question altogether…

For the next little while – reply to my weekly emails with a question – and next week I will reply to the “Question of the Week”.

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