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I cannot count the number of times in my 25 years of mortgage broking I have heard the “I’m waiting for the crash” reason for delaying a buying decision.

First – EVERY buyer (me included) hopes for property to be “down” 5 minutes before they buy and then “up” 5 minutes after they have bought.

Here is a graph of property price in Sydney and Brisbane over the last 23 years

Sydney and Brisbane Median house price 1999 – 2022

Interest rates have done everything imaginable in that time – the price of property marches upwards – it goes in one direction with some pauses and minor dips.

Spot me the crash if you can.

I have data going back 30 years and across capital cities.

Here are some current facts:

In the December quarter house prices went UP … yes UP in;

  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Darwin

They stayed the same in

  • Canberra

There are signs of house price levelling out in Brisbane – and it will be interesting to see the next Quarter in Sydney.

Sydney gets all the national talk – but house price elsewhere is holding up and the answers are fairly clear.

We have a shortage of housing stock.

And the government is increasing migration = population.

So …the conclusion?

If you want to buy this year … and you can actually FIND a house you like, in the location you desire – and you are “Waiting for the Crash”… well good luck with that!

As always – if you have questions or would like advice tailored to your own circumstances, Ask Alan, it’s what I’m here for..

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